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Euro 2004 is not long away and we have here a site providing you with all the essential information you need to enjoy the European Championships 2004.

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We have a run down of all the fixtures dates and times so you can make sure you can get your spot to watch the games, a comprehensive betting guide so you can place a few quid on who you think will win the competition or individual games or even a variety of different bets and even where you can get all the different teams shirts.

Quick Fixtures
Group A Group B
Date Time Fixture Date Time Fixture
12th June 1700 Portugal v Greece 13th June 1700 Switzerland v Croatia
12th June 1945 Spain v Russia 13th June 1945 France v England
16th June 1700 Greece v Spain 17th June 1700 England v Switzerland
16th June 1945 Russia v Portugal 17th June 1945 Croatia v France
20th June 1945 Russia v Greece 21st June 1945 Croatia v England
20th June 1945 Spain v Portugal 21st June 1945 Switzerland v France
Group C Group D
Date Time Fixture Date Time Fixture
14th June 1700 Denmark v Italy 15th June 1700 Czech Rep v Latvia
14th June 1945 Sweden v Bulgaria 15th June 1945 Germany v Holland
18th June 1700 Bulgaria v Denmark 19th June 1700 Latvia v Germany
18th June 1945 Italy v Sweden 19th June 1945 Holland v Czech Rep
22nd June 1945 Italy v Bulgaria 23nd June 1945 Holland v Latvia
22nd June 1945 Denmark v Sweden 23nd June 1945 Germany v Czech Rep
Quick Betting
Team Odds
France 3/1
Italy 9/2
England 6/1
Spain 7/1
Holland 15/2
Portugal 15/2
Czech Republic 12/1
Germany 20/1
Sweden 25/1
Denmark 33/1
Russia 66/1
Bulgaria 80/1
Croatia 80/1
Greece 100/1
Switzerland 100/1
Latvia 500/1

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